Decreasing Classic Crash Diet: The key to your desired weight?

Decreasing Classic Crash Diet: The key to your desired weight?

A few pounds quickly lose weight – as many put on a crash diet. With the will within a very short time properly many pounds melt away.

Remove as much as possible in the shortest possible time: With this hope, many women try on a so-called crash diet. Here5 kg weight lose in 3 weeks is eaten for a few days or weeks very little – so the pounds will just tumble so. How a crash diet pineapple diet, tomato diet, but also the Cabbage Soup Diet – these are all examples of a crash diet, this shows: Crash diets can be very different. However, they have in common that very little is eaten. Often the daily schedules on 700 kcal are aligned day. Sometimes a particular stands food in the foreground, for example in the pineapple diet.

Pineapple should contain enzymes that the fat burning boost. In this crash diet, there are correspondingly morning, noon and evening recipes with exotic fruit. Otherwise there in a crash diet a lot of vegetables and fruits, because it’s very low in calories. These often come lean meat or fish, low fat dairy products, and small amounts of carbohydrate side dishes such as pasta, potatoes, rice or bread. For sweets, crisps or alcohol is usually no room. How much you take with a crash diet from really? Five pounds in three days or seven pounds in seven days: In case of a crash diet is much promise.

Unfortunately, these promises are a little exaggeration -. In more ways than one to make it only severely obese people in such a short time to lose as much weight. All those who want the crash diet to lose their pesky five to ten kilos too much, not create more than a kilo in a week. And even that is not fat, but only water as explained Silke Restemeyer of the German Society for Nutrition. “To lose one kilogram fat, you have to save 7,000 kcal Displays on the scale after two days diet less of it is this water.” On the other hand the lost weight after a crash diet usually very quickly on it. This is the yo-yo effect. You eat very little, as is the case with a crash diet, the body goes into sleep mode. He tries to use as little energy as possible.


You eat after the diet back to normal, he saves as much as possible to make provision for bad times. The result is that the pointer of the scale jiffy again rises to the top. The crash diet in check so really much the crash diet does not bring so. Healthy she is not well. Silke Restemeyer by the DGE says: “In a crash diet so little is eaten, the body cannot be supplied with all the nutrients he is not getting enough vitamins, minerals and also in protein lacking often..” She recommends to decrease slowly and at least 1200 kcal a day to eat – as balanced as possible.

On the way, one is supplied with all the nutrients will become well fed and healthy. The nutritionist also makes it clear that all foods are allowed. For them, a change of diet is the key to weight loss success. Those who eat high-calorie foods such as candy, fast food or cake rarely and in small quantities only, but to vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products, whole grain foods, and lean meats and fish engages automatically decreases gradually. Also, read up on 3 week diet reviews: With 5 simple weight loss tricks for success “calorie foods for pleasure without repentance”.


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