6 Major Myths about Abdominal Training

See what the most common mistakes made during training. Here are 6 myths about exercise for a flat stomach!

Flat, firm tummy is the dream of most women, regardless of age. To facilitate you work on this sensitive place, we asked for help the Personal trainer? And Mary Jane that overthrew the most popular myths about abdominal training! See more about 3 week diet system by Brian Flatt


The myth about abdominal muscle training 1

Traditional “bellies” are the most effective exercise in this part of the body

Unfortunately, this exercise involves only a simple abdominal muscles. To achieve great results, you must also do exercises for the oblique’s and deep. How to do it? They will help you in the exercises on the following pages.

The myth about abdominal muscle training 2

Taking large amounts of crunches, it brings better results

If you manage to do 100 repetitions of a particular exercise, without any break, it means that either the technique is incorrect or not you drive any traffic to the end. Perform up to 25 repetitions of one exercise. If you do this correctly, you should clearly feel muscle fatigue.

The myth about abdominal muscle training 3

Belly can train every day

Abdominal muscles should be treated like any other. To see the desired results, you have to take care of their recovery. Because every muscles need time to rebuild after a workout, do exercises always a one-day break.

The myth about abdominal muscle training 4

Body sculpture exercise to burn body fat and make your tummy will be flat

Unfortunately, the same exercises “sculpture” belly are not enough. Of course, they make the abdominal muscles will be stronger. They will not, however, nicely scratch beneath the skin, or stomach is not flat, until you burn body fat. To do this it is necessary to observe the principles of a healthy diet and cardio workouts (cycling, running, and walking).

The myth about abdominal Training No. 5

During the training the abdomen, it is hold your breath

No! This is one of the most common mistakes. Breathing plays a huge role in the working muscles. Follow exhale during muscle tension and inhale during relaxation.

The myth about abdominal muscle training 6

The moment of exercise does not matter

Exercises for a flat stomach is best done at the end of training (both cardio and strength). Earlier activity light will affect the abdominal muscle fatigue, which is important for building endurance and strength throughout the body.

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