The 3 Week Diet Reviews – Does the System Work?

The 3 week diet system is an inventive, scientific and proven diet regime and diet plan that allows one to shed weight in just 21 days.

Losing weight can be a very tedious and absorbing venture. For all those who want to lose some pounds, 3 week diet system reviewsshedding them cannot come soon enough. It is usual for anyone in a diet program to hope that visible changes to their weight appear as soon as possible. The results could be determined by the quality of the exercise plan and the kind of diet regime that are used in combination. Various reasons could necessitate the loss of weight in a short time. It could be for health reasons, career pressures or a special event like your wedding or graduation ceremony. The current diet regime that one may be using may not be effective enough to meet the goals and the timelines that are desired. That is why you need to try out the 3 week diet system. It would be joyous if after just under a month, you are able to get rid of some troublesome pounds.

The 3 Week Diet System

The 3 week diet plan is an inventive, scientific and proven diet regime and diet plan that allows one to shed weight in just 21 days. It is a diet plan that does not entail extreme workouts and dietary behaviour given the short time that it takes. It is a solution to those risky, unhealthy and ineffective diet plans that people sometimes engage in for quick results. This diet program is a three-pronged approach to losing weight that focuses on the exercises, the weight loss diets and motivation. It is a weight loss program that averages a weight loss of between 12-20 pounds in just under one month. It is estimated that in just the first week, a dieter loses 10 pounds if they strictly follow the instructions. The main purpose of this diet program is to produce a sharp, healthy, visible loss of weight in a person that will keep them motivated and continue to press on with their weight loss program without giving up.

The 3 Week Diet Review

It is a program that whoever is involved in, will have to change their eating habits in order to succeed. The weight loss program has introductory, diet and training manuals. The introductory manual gives an interested participant a picture of how the program works for the three week duration and gives some basic nutrition concepts, which include a food pyramid and metabolism. The diet manual is composed of three parts, each part covers a single week. The diet manual guides what should be eaten, when it should be eaten and how much should be eaten. It specifically guides one on the kind of foods that will increase the potential of burning fat rapidly and the kind of foods that will minimize the potential of losing weight in time. The manual names and numbers the exact foods that should be avoided. For the training manual, you will find a variety of fitness plans and exercises that will not require you to visit a gym. There are four workout routines provided in the manual.

3 week diet table of content


One of the advantages of the 3 week diet is that it helps in speeding up metabolism. Overweight persons usually have a slow metabolism process. When one implements this program, they will discover that fat burns quickly and that metabolism becomes faster. The other benefit of the program is that it lessens cellulite. Cellulite is not just from the sun but from what we eat and how we treat our bodies. This weight loss program comes with a workout plan mainly for home use. It has training exercises and diet plans that will not impact negatively on your skin. Also it is timely and effective, losing a substantial amount of weight in 21 days is phenomenal.


One of the few disadvantages of the 3 week diet plan is that, it encourages the additional support of diet supplements to achieve the rapid and effective burning of fat. The supplements may have a negative effect on different body types causing allergies or unforeseen health complications. Also on the motivation, some may be discouraged if they do not lose maximum weight in three weeks as the program promises because weight loss will vary from person to person so that might take the steam out of some people and demotivate them because of high expectations.


Our bodies are different and one should not expect the same changes to occur to everyone in the 21-day period. But you will lose pounds, it is bound to happen, the only difference will be the amount of pounds that each individual will lose. Also if the dieter follows instructions to the letter, if they seriously follow the manuals they will witness fast and visible weight loss. All in all, there is no other weight loss program that offers healthy, quick and effective weight loss than the 3 week diet program.

3 week diet system review


An Easy 10 Step Weight Loss Plan

Understand that in the process of losing weight, it’s NOT a miracle. There are no pills, which themselves weight-lossmake you drop weight. The only possibility to eliminate excess fat in a healthy manner and maintain long-term effect is to change your lifestyle. It would be a joke if I said that you can lose weight simply by swallowing a pill. To get rid of excess weight you want to lose and say goodbye to them permanently, you need to do some work. We are happy to show you the tools necessary to make lifestyle changes for the new you.

Yes, there are specific dietary supplements that, in fact, support the process of weight control in combination with a healthy lifestyle. For this purpose, a diet plan was developed by Brian Flatt. These diet plans are designed to reduce appetite, reduce cravings and boost fat metabolism. These are used to support comprehensive lifestyle changes and a new, healthy foods, which may ultimately change you forever.

So here we go:

  1. Eat more foods

I want you to eat more food, not less, provided that you eat all the good foods. If you visit this website, you will have access to: regulations, plans and sizeable list of daily food Healthy Food section. This will help you realize which foods are good for your diet and give you ideas for recipes. You can also take advantage of the bestseller 3 week diet system to help you get all support you need to lose weight.

Good foods contain a lot of raw and lightly steamed vegetables, sprouts, seeds , fruits, nuts , grains , beans, pods, pulses , protein-rich foods such as tofu , broiled or boiled fish and organic white meat.

My results speak for themselves. Currently I do not recommend anyone conventional or temporary diet. This type of diet: counting calories or limiting carbohydrates do not work in the long term; they are only short-term solutions. I am opposed to restrictive diets. This type of diet can slow the metabolic rate so your body can accumulate fat rather than get rid of it. The best way to lose weight is to join my new healthy lifestyle by eating more of the good foods. You ensure that your body all the nutrients it needs to burn fat more efficiently and to balance metabolism. When you eat more good foods, automatically less craving bad foods, because the body is properly nourished. My Slimming Diet is a lifestyle change that you make on the rest of your life. My plan works wonders in the long term.

  1. A PEACEFUL Digestion

Please do not ever eat when you’re stressed out, angry, sad or immediately after an argument. Best to wait until you calm down. When you are relaxed, digestion is better. Through this you give yourself the best conditions of assimilation and absorption of nutrients from food.

  1. Rumination

Does not absorb, not simply swallow their food. The process of digestion begins in the mouth. Properly chewed food to provide more nutrients. So chew foods in their mouth until they turn into a liquid before swallowing.


After waking up in the morning, squeeze a fresh lemon into a cup of hot water and drink it when enough. This will help in burning fats, digestive enzymes start and encourage them to clean the intestines.


You should himself serve itself by performing my body’s detoxification in 24 hours (24 Hour Detox). It takes only one day, so no excuses. Follow my complete formula of using sachets body’s detoxification in 24 hours. My patients rave about it. Detoxification The body in 24 hours is pure, natural, safe, and gives great results. I must say that in all my many years of clinical practice, I have not seen such a dramatic effect as when my body’s detoxification in 24 hours. Best to incorporate in the day detoxification fresh, raw vegetables, raw vegetable juices, raw fruits, salads, soups and broths. Read the chapter in the 3 week diet book about detoxification. You are what you eat and follow the instructions for the day detox.


I always say that you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper. It simply means that the best to eat more for breakfast and lunch or in earlier times of the day and less at dinner and later in the day.

  1. AVOID THE ORGANISM cluttering

Alcohol, sugar, sweets, cakes, cookies, salt and caffeine (tea and coffee) as well as processed foods containing chemicals, additives and preservatives should be eliminated or reduced in consumption. Such foods are low in nutrients and / or high in calories. Please limit your intake of cow’s milk and red meat during this time. I am aware that section “foods to avoid” may not be too popular, but I want the best for you. I know how much they cost such changes, so please – cooperate with me.

  1. WATER

Drink eight glasses of water a day, about 1 to 2 liters. Water purifies and improves liver function. If the liver is functioning efficiently breaks down fat more efficiently. Water naturally suppresses appetite and acts as an organic medium energizing. But please drink water at an interval of at least 15 minutes of eating, which thins no digestive enzymes in the stomach. Drink herbal teas such as nettle and   dandelion.

  1. THE Exercise

Exercise daily: there’s no way to avoid it. Besides, why would / should you avoid it? Physical movement is the most natural activity in total harmony with the human body. But the physical movement must be mandatory. This can be a pleasure, antics and fun. For example – you can dance to the music of 10 minutes each day. Get a mini-trampoline and jumping like crazy! Walk, where you can and whenever you can. Let cycling becomes your passion. Tennis, kick-boxing, aerobics, swimming – each of these is a great idea. Anything that makes you move every day for permanent and regular basis will be good. If it’s fun – it’s even better.


If you want to lose weight, you should select foods properly, at least for part of the time. The most important of the information here is to eat the fruit of the same, with at least 30 minutes apart among the other food groups. Eat animal proteins (such as meat, poultry, fish or turkey) with vegetables only. See 3 week diet reviews to get further information about formal weight loss methods to burn unwanted fat from the body.

6 Major Myths about Abdominal Training

See what the most common mistakes made during training. Here are 6 myths about exercise for a flat stomach!

Flat, firm tummy is the dream of most women, regardless of age. To facilitate you work on this sensitive place, we asked for help the Personal trainer? And Mary Jane that overthrew the most popular myths about abdominal training! See more about 3 week diet system by Brian Flatt


The myth about abdominal muscle training 1

Traditional “bellies” are the most effective exercise in this part of the body

Unfortunately, this exercise involves only a simple abdominal muscles. To achieve great results, you must also do exercises for the oblique’s and deep. How to do it? They will help you in the exercises on the following pages.

The myth about abdominal muscle training 2

Taking large amounts of crunches, it brings better results

If you manage to do 100 repetitions of a particular exercise, without any break, it means that either the technique is incorrect or not you drive any traffic to the end. Perform up to 25 repetitions of one exercise. If you do this correctly, you should clearly feel muscle fatigue.

The myth about abdominal muscle training 3

Belly can train every day

Abdominal muscles should be treated like any other. To see the desired results, you have to take care of their recovery. Because every muscles need time to rebuild after a workout, do exercises always a one-day break.

The myth about abdominal muscle training 4

Body sculpture exercise to burn body fat and make your tummy will be flat

Unfortunately, the same exercises “sculpture” belly are not enough. Of course, they make the abdominal muscles will be stronger. They will not, however, nicely scratch beneath the skin, or stomach is not flat, until you burn body fat. To do this it is necessary to observe the principles of a healthy diet and cardio workouts (cycling, running, and walking).

The myth about abdominal Training No. 5

During the training the abdomen, it is hold your breath

No! This is one of the most common mistakes. Breathing plays a huge role in the working muscles. Follow exhale during muscle tension and inhale during relaxation.

The myth about abdominal muscle training 6

The moment of exercise does not matter

Exercises for a flat stomach is best done at the end of training (both cardio and strength). Earlier activity light will affect the abdominal muscle fatigue, which is important for building endurance and strength throughout the body.

You can also check out more information on

3 Week Diet: Principles and Effects of Vegetable-Fruit Diet Brian Flatt

The 3 Week Diet is a two-step weight loss program, whose goal is to clear the body of toxins and restore its internal balance. Dropped kilos are a side effect of the diet. This kind of healing post involves eating in small quantities certain fruit and vegetables. Find out what are the principles of 3 Week Diet and what you can and cannot eat while taking a slimming diet. 3 Week Diet is a two-step cleansing treatment vegetable and fruit. The first stage is a therapeutic fasting, which lasts a few dozen, and if necessary, even several dozen days. The second step is a healthy diet, which constitute the base of low-processed products, typical for our latitude.

3 Week Diet – What It Is? Rules Vegetable and Fruit Diet

Fruit and vegetable 3 Week Diet is really therapeutic fasting, which is to cleanse and strengthen the body’s proper operation. Upon completion of detoxification treatment, go on a healthy diet based on vegetables, fruits, grains and plants pulses.

What will be Brian Flatt diet?

3 Week Diet is designed not only for people struggling with overweight and obesity, but also for those complaining of various ailments, e.g. For people with weakened immune systems, which are often struggling with infections against bacterial, viral and fungal, and Also troublesome symptoms of allergy – hay fever or asthma. They can be used a person with reduced gastrointestinal, circulatory problems, as well as suffering from osteoarthritis. As argued by Brian Flatt, his diet is helpful in treating many other ailments such as menstrual disorders, menopause, hypothyroidism, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, acne, eczema. 3 Week Diet – Contra Brian Flatt diet cannot use those taking medicines that suppress the immune system (e.g. Steroids or cytostatic). It is also a contraindication to steroid or autoimmune adrenal insufficiency (Addison’s disease), as well as:

  • Cancer at advanced stage
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Young age (cannot be used in children and girls at puberty)

3 Week Diet – The First Stage. What can you eat? The first stage of fruit and vegetable diet Brian Flatt may take, depending on the requirements, from a few days to several weeks.

  • During fasting, cleansing can only eat vegetables of the species:
  • Root (e.g. carrots, beets, radishes)
  • Brassicas (e.g. cauliflower, broccoli)
  • Onion (e.g. onions, leeks)
  • Deciduous (e.g. lettuce, all kinds of herbs)
  • Cucurbits (e.g. squash, cucumbers)
  • Nightshade plants (except potatoes – tomatoes, peppers)
  • And low sugar FRUIT
  • Apples
  • Blueberries
  • Lemons
  • During the cleansing therapy should drink water, vegetable and fruit juices, herbal teas and fruit.

Brian Flatt warns that at this stage of the diet may appear short-lived “recuperative crises” that are the result of detoxification. People taking treatment may complain of general weakness, headache, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The crisis should not last longer than three days. If after that time the symptoms persist or worsen, seek medical attention. Products not permitted at this stage of the diet is

  • white sugar
  • white flour
  • highly processed products.

3 Week Diet – The Second Stage. What can you eat? After cleaning the body, Brian Flatt 3 week diet system recommends changing eating habits and the transition to a healthy, balanced diet, in which attitude will not only vegetables and fruits from the first phase of the diet, but also other fruits and vegetables (including legumes), cereal and grains, bread whole wheat, nuts and dairy products.

Decreasing Classic Crash Diet: The key to your desired weight?

Decreasing Classic Crash Diet: The key to your desired weight?

A few pounds quickly lose weight – as many put on a crash diet. With the will within a very short time properly many pounds melt away.

Remove as much as possible in the shortest possible time: With this hope, many women try on a so-called crash diet. Here5 kg weight lose in 3 weeks is eaten for a few days or weeks very little – so the pounds will just tumble so. How a crash diet pineapple diet, tomato diet, but also the Cabbage Soup Diet – these are all examples of a crash diet, this shows: Crash diets can be very different. However, they have in common that very little is eaten. Often the daily schedules on 700 kcal are aligned day. Sometimes a particular stands food in the foreground, for example in the pineapple diet.

Pineapple should contain enzymes that the fat burning boost. In this crash diet, there are correspondingly morning, noon and evening recipes with exotic fruit. Otherwise there in a crash diet a lot of vegetables and fruits, because it’s very low in calories. These often come lean meat or fish, low fat dairy products, and small amounts of carbohydrate side dishes such as pasta, potatoes, rice or bread. For sweets, crisps or alcohol is usually no room. How much you take with a crash diet from really? Five pounds in three days or seven pounds in seven days: In case of a crash diet is much promise.

Unfortunately, these promises are a little exaggeration -. In more ways than one to make it only severely obese people in such a short time to lose as much weight. All those who want the crash diet to lose their pesky five to ten kilos too much, not create more than a kilo in a week. And even that is not fat, but only water as explained Silke Restemeyer of the German Society for Nutrition. “To lose one kilogram fat, you have to save 7,000 kcal Displays on the scale after two days diet less of it is this water.” On the other hand the lost weight after a crash diet usually very quickly on it. This is the yo-yo effect. You eat very little, as is the case with a crash diet, the body goes into sleep mode. He tries to use as little energy as possible.


You eat after the diet back to normal, he saves as much as possible to make provision for bad times. The result is that the pointer of the scale jiffy again rises to the top. The crash diet in check so really much the crash diet does not bring so. Healthy she is not well. Silke Restemeyer by the DGE says: “In a crash diet so little is eaten, the body cannot be supplied with all the nutrients he is not getting enough vitamins, minerals and also in protein lacking often..” She recommends to decrease slowly and at least 1200 kcal a day to eat – as balanced as possible.

On the way, one is supplied with all the nutrients will become well fed and healthy. The nutritionist also makes it clear that all foods are allowed. For them, a change of diet is the key to weight loss success. Those who eat high-calorie foods such as candy, fast food or cake rarely and in small quantities only, but to vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products, whole grain foods, and lean meats and fish engages automatically decreases gradually. Also, read up on 3 week diet reviews: With 5 simple weight loss tricks for success “calorie foods for pleasure without repentance”.